Nutrition and healthy eating tips

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Healthy Eating Food List with No Sugar/ Natural sugar options – healthy-food-list

Young baby coconut 🙂  img_3412

 Grapefruit and watermelon – breakfast on the go!  img_3410

Summer fruits/ Greek Yogurt and maple syrup

                                                               Rye bread with fried egg/ avocado and…………img_3413

caramelised-beetroot-and-onion-chutney – click link for recipe.

Rocket/ Tuna with organic mayo/ Celery/ Blueberries/ tomatoes/ Chai and flax seeds

 Egg with organic mayo on rocket and pumpernickel bread sprinkled with Chai and Linseed

Spinach/ Ham/ Olives/ Bell peppers with cheese and spicy chicken

Spinach/ Boiled egg/ Salmon/ Peppers/ beetroot chutney/ Tomatoes and pine nuts and Chai seeds

Oat crackers topped with Beef tomato and beetroot with Spinach/ Avocado and a fried egg and Chai seeds

Nutritional Salad

Bubble and Squeak on Rye bread with homemade Beetroot relish

Egg, Bacon, Avocado, Beetroot on spinach leaves and Chai seeds

Strawberries, Beetroot, avocado and egg with pine nuts AND Home made avocado ice cream for afters

Quick healthy snack – Carrots and apple and peanut butter dip YUM!

Pancake with Cinnamon, cooked in coconut oil and bananas fried in maple syrup

Protein balls – Peanut butter

Chocolate coconut and lemon ginger protein balls

Lemon Turmeric Protein balls

Waffle made with buttermilk,summer fruits, yoghurt, chai seeds and maple syrup

Scrambled egg on rye bread with spinach – Afters Butter and Jam on rye bread

Homemade Chocolate/ avocado moose

Egg, Spinach, beetroot, cream cheese, avocado with pine nuts and chai seeds – Turmeric latte and Raw chocolate bar for afters 🙂

Spinach and scarps from veg tray muffins

Homemade Smoothy packs to stack in fridge for a months supply

Moroccan veg soup with Sweet potato crisps

Turmerlicious drink (comes in lots of different flavours) Delish with coconut milk.

Cinnamon bagel with smashed avocado, bacon, maple syrup, cinnamon and chai seeds and maple syrup – weekend breakfast.

Christmas pudding protein balls – taste just like Xmas.

Homemade chocolates – add any fillings you want to please your taste

Vegan coffee cakes

Lemon avocado cake

Beetroot, eggs, avocado on spinach with chai seeds

Breakfast Budda bowl (Beetroot, coconut, Kiwi and oats on Yoghurt)

Salads on the go – be prepared.

Halloumi salad (Halloumi fried in Soya sauce, maple syrup with flax and chai seeds) on a bed of salad.

Sourdough bread topped with pumpkin seeds

Spinach/ Baby tomatoes/ Pepper/ small cube of goats cheese/ Fig vinegar dressing and Chai seeds


Ginger cake


Spinach/ egg/avocado and cottage cheese




Vegan lavender and chocolate cupcakes

img_3528 img_3527




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