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 NEWSLETTER March 2019

Bank Holidays and Thurs hall closure

Please note the following bank holidays this year when there will be NO Mon classes.

All other classes on those weeks will be open, so please switch to another if possible;

22nd April, 6th May, 27th May, 26th Aug 2017

2nd May – Hall closed for voting (afternoon tea at my house instead – please see below)

Thursday morning class afternoon tea

Please note the hall is closed on the 2nd May for voting, so we will be having our usual afternoon tea at mine instead @ 1pm – The ladies have kindly offered to help me with it again. Please see details on the Thurs morning desk, so add your names to the list so we know how many we are catering for??

Potters Weekend March 2019 – ZUMBA & VeraFlow & toning

14 of us are going on the fitness weekend the weekend. I’m looking forward to a fun time with you all. I have now handed out all the info you need before you go J – join us next year if you missed out this time??

Reminder – NO Toning 2nd Weds of the month

Please don’t forget Toning is not on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (due to WI use), but is available all the other weeks so please try and time your weeks off to those weeks please??

Otherwise you end up missing two weeks in the month!!

Personal Training????

As some of you heard me say in class I am looking into doing some personal training in my spare room, now my son has moved out!!! I am in the process of decorating the room to get it ready and also setting up programs that can be used. I am looking at doing 6 lessons (1/2 hour each), these can be taken over 6 weeks (weekly) or twice a week for a quick result over 3 weeks. I haven’t totally decided on a cost yet but I am looking at about £60 for the course of 6 (which is very cheap, while I pilot it). I will initially do a consultation with you for free and get you to fill in a questionnaire on the areas you would like to work on and then I will tailor a program to suit you. I will be using various equipment to keep it fun, (as you know I always do). I will only be able to take on 3 /4 clients a week MAX due to my work schedule. Hopefully by the next news letter or before I will be able to get this up and running. Maybe let me know if this interests you??? – I have already had 3 people say that they are interested YAY J (This can also include a nutrition pack at an extra cost.)

London Marathon

My eldest son is doing the London Marathon this year and as some you know his journey!! this is an amazing achievement that I never thought I would see happen – There will be a jar on the desk if any of you would like to put some pennies in to help him raise his sponsor money!!

Class prices increase from April 2019

Monthly Tickets – £26        Standing order – £24.00       Walk in ticket – £6.00 per class (staying the same)

As you can see, MASSIVE savings can be made by purchasing Class session tickets. Even if you can only make it to two classes per week, these passes will save you money. BUT if you can make it more often the savings are even greater – not to mention the physical benefits to your body!!!

(Could people on standing order please change their bank payments to start from the April 2019 payment)


 (Please read these details below to see how much you could be saving on Standing order)

You have the chance to pay monthly for a class pass by standing order. It is so easy and hassle free. The cost as you can see is just £24.00 per month!!! – were else can you get such a fantastic all – over body workout for such an unbelievable price?

Benefits to YOU:

  • Encourages you to come to class more often
  • Convenience – money comes direct out of your bank account every month

                                                 (No need to bring your purse to class anymore)

  • Less form filling and signing at the reception desk
  • You can come to class as often as you like with no more to pay.
  • UNBEATABLE value for money

Benefits for ME:

  • It saves me time on my paperwork and tracking class is easier
  • I will know that you are committed, like me, to improving your lifestyle, physically and mentally!

I can only offer this option if the Standing Order is paid consistently. The price has been worked out so that, even if you only attended two classes per week for 44 weeks per year (allowing 8 weeks for holidays, sickness and Christmas) that would normally cost you £528, BUT on standing order it would be £288 for the year (saving you £240!!). Costing only £3.27 per class WOW!


ZUMBA – Stock Village Hall – Stock – Monday – 9.30am

VERAFLOW – Stock Village Hall – Stock – Monday – 10.30am (45 min class)

TONING – WI Hall – St Ediths Lane – Billericay – Wednesday – 9:30 am (45 min class)

ZUMBA – WI Hall – St Ediths Lane – Billericay – Thursday – 9:30 am

 (Don’t forget monthly tickets starting from £26 and S/O from £24)

I hope you have enjoyed your class today…….see you soon………..

Sue x

For any other class details please contact your licensed Zumba instructor

or visit my website;

FB – Sue Reader (Tlc fitness)   Tel – 01277 626219       Email –