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 NEWSLETTER April 2018

Bank Holidays and Holiday closures

                    Please note the following bank holidays this year, when there will be NO Monday classes.

(All other classes on those weeks will be open, so please switch to another);

7th May, 28th May, 27th Aug 2018


Holiday closures (DUE TO NO COVER) and Hall changes;

*VERAFLOW ONLY* – Mon 4th June, 24th September, 1st October – NO CLASSES

ZUMBA – Weds evening 20th June – In Billericay Sports Hall @ 8.15pm

 (St Martin’s is unavailable on this date, sorry for the inconvenience – please note time change!!)

 (Please park down on the left hand side and go behind the school to the Gym at the back, hopefully someone will be there to guide you in the right direction, please give yourself enough time to find the new venue)

ZUMBA – Thursday 3rd May – NO class because of elections (afternoon tea at my house instead – see below)

Thurs morning WI Hall – Elections – afternoon tea at mine

As there are elections being held in the hall on Thurs 3rd May there we will be

NO class running that week on the Thurs morning, sorry for the inconvenience

– please try to swap to another class in the week if possible and for those that can we are doing an afternoon tea instead at my house @ 12.30am so hopefully you have already put your name on the sheet in class??. We have now finalised numbers, so please tell me urgently if you want to be added!!!!!

New toning class – June 2018

A NEW toning class is going to start on Tuesdays @ 9.30am @ “The Forge” function room on the 12th June – The class will be 45 minutes long and incorporate many different ways of toning (i.e. Stability balls, bands, drum sticks, medicine balls, ballet movement, chair work and of course of own bodies!) I have 15 names down already so please let me know ASAP if you want a space. Pricing for the new class is at the end of this newsletter.

Potters Weekend March 2019 – ZUMBA & VeraFlow

8th – 10th MARCH 2019 – FOR 2 NIGHTS Potters leisure resort (Hopton on Sea)

Pretty much EVERYTHING is included in the cost of your weekend break:

Comfortable accommodation, Four meals a day for each full day of your break

Live evening and late night entertainment, Daytime activities

Extensive sports and leisure facilities and classes, Accommodation in a hotel room

Pool and spa area

Hotel Premier: £244 Per Person x 10 rooms available.

Hotel Premier Plus (slightly larger room); £254 Per person x 5 rooms available.

 (for twin room occupancy – if a single is required I can get a price for you).


Run and dye and 5k inflatable race

Please note I will doing the run and dye challenge (In a wedding dress!!!!) in July with Kate and the 5k inflatable race in June with my son (James) and his girlfriend Emma and Kate and her son (David) and we are hoping to raise some money for Daisy again. Please see information below if you have not heard of Daisy’s story. We all look forward to your donations – the sponsor form is NOW on the reception desk. Or the link online is

Daisy Palmer Trust

Daisy suffers from a very rare and debilitating illness called Chronic Intestine Pseudo Obstruction (CIPs) and Ehlers DanlosSyndrome (EDS). You can read Daisy’s full story, and more about her illness on her website here:
Daisy is unable to eat ANYTHING orally, and is instead entirely reliant on being fed intravenously for 24 hours everyday, via a Hickman line into her heart. In order to make Daisy’s life more comfortable, many costly adaptations were needed to our house, including a Vertical Lift, Medical Preparation Room, and Medical and Equipment Storage Room. Alot of this is complete now, but unfortunately it still needs to paid for!

Aside from this, Daisy’s problems will never go away. Fundraising will need to continue as she grows older and more things will inevitably be required to simply keep her well and comfortable.
Imagine having to lay in bed almost all day long, every single day of your life.
Imagine being so bored out of your brain.
Then imagine not being able to pass the time away and relieve that boredom by eating something. Or just simply never being able to eat ANYTHING at all EVER.

Imagine constantly being taken in and out of hospital, being prodded and poked by Doctors and nurses all day long. Doctors that can’t even fix you no matter what they do.
Imagine never being able to travel abroad on holiday, because you can’t get insurance.
Imagine having a mass of tubes, pegs and bags always attached to your body, making every little twist and turn uncomfortable.
Imagine being in constant pain, so much pain that even the strongest painkillers just don’t even touch it. And you still can’t eat your favourite sweet, cake or meal to cheer yourself up…..
That’s Daisy’s life, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!
Please continue to help us to improve Daisy’s life the best we can, and keep her smiling through the pain. Daisy is so amazingly brave its the least she deserves  

The Producers and Joseph

Thank you to those of you that came along and supported me in one or both shows, it’s very much appreciated.


ZUMBA – Stock Village Hall – Stock – Monday – 9.30am

VERAFLOW – Stock Village Hall – Stock – Monday – 10.30am (45 min class)

TONING – The Forge – Billericay – Tuesdays – 9.30am (45 min class) *starting 12th June*

ZUMBA – St Martins School – Hutton – Weds – 8pm

ZUMBA – WI Hall – St Ediths Lane – Billericay – Thursday – 9:30 am

£6 walk-in

£22 standing order (Direct from your account monthly – covers 1 type of class)

£24 monthly ticket (buy as and when – covers 1 type of class)

 £30 attend 2 types of classes (i.e Veraflow and Zumba or any other combination)

IF you want to attend a 3rd type of class (i.e. Toning) – £6 per class OR £3 per class if you already pay the £30.

Sue – 01277 626219