Please note there will be no classes in the halls until further notice due to CV and government guidelines…..😢😢😢
25th March…..
Hi All
I have looked again into the Zoom thing and will continue to do so, but not having anyone techy here to help me – I’m not going to lie I’m struggling!!
Zumba have sent the details below through to me which is very exciting, as this goes on longer! hopefully they are setting up something that is more user friendly not only for myself but you also…..watch this space, I will launch this as soon as I can.
A HUGE thank to those that have said they are paying still on the Standing Orders – for at least the little bit of info I am giving already (I only have 5 people on standing order!!, but it all helps!!) most payments where walk in these days so I have lost nearly all my income!!…for those that have cancelled there S/O I totally understand as you may be in similar situations.
So today the warm up is a 10 minute walk or jog (maybe up and down the stairs, round the garden or if you are on your own and keeping distance from people in the fresh air somewhere isolated? (can be longer if you fancy a nice long walk??)
Attached are sheets for;
1. 10 minute workout on arms
2. 10 minute workout on Legs
3. 10 minute workout on abs
(All of these you can work up to if you can’t do straight away or modify to your own level – either easier or harder)
Don’t forget a nice long 10 minute stretch at the end focusing on Biceps and Triceps (arms) / Quads (thighs at front) / Hamstrings and Calfs (down the backs of the legs)/ Abdominals and Gluets (bottom). Veraflow customers think of some of our stretches and moves we do and use those.
Stay safe everyone xxx
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24th March….

Me again, hope your all bearing up amongst this very uncertain time.
OK Some details on nutrition and ways I keep myself healthy; below is info on my meals yesterday to help encourage you to think about looking after your diet, when it’s a very easy time not to!! (Me included – I’m fighting the urge hourly not to sit on the settee and stuff my face!!)…..stay focused

Breakfast …..Frozen blueberries heated for 1 minute in the microwave – topped with yogurt/ Chai seeds and maple syrup (could also use honey if no maple syrup), plus an alternative to drinking too much coffee – but with pretty much the same flavour.

Lunch – dark rye Ryvitas, with tuna, 🍅 tomato and 🥑avocado and pomegranate seeds YUM


Tea ….I use this great company called “Simply Cook” for some of my evening meals….tonight’s was “chipotle honey salmon”….a pack of 3 spices get posted through your door (4 meals in total in a box for £10) and you buy the food to go with it…….we couldn’t source any broccoli for tonight’s meal so we substituted kale instead….lots of meals to choose from online (great if you like your herbs and spices on meals)
3 miles run done, avoiding any person around!! ….my herbal meds above that I take daily and have done for years, to keep me fit and healthy;
1. psyllium hulls – good for heart and pancreas – aids in stomach problems
2. Vitamin C 1000mg – to top up my immune system
3. Pro biotics – digestive health supplement

4. Cod liver oil 1000mg – reduces inflammation and lowers blood pressure plus many other health benefits

5. Aloe Vera gel drink – flushes out toxins and SO many other benefits
Stay fit and healthy everyone ❤️❤️
23rd March 2020
OK Your hours workout for today and tomorrow or whenever you want to use it, I will post another one on Weds for you to use for the 2nd part of the week 🙂  ….

Firstly we need to get focused, I was talking to the lovely Elaine this morning from class and she has set herself a daily focus timetable (how cool is that)!…..So lets set our alarms, lets get dressed and not stay in our PJ’s all day, every day! (very tempting I know)….and have a focus for each day/week.

My focus this week, as the weather is amazing is to focus on the garden and everything outside related in my isolated little area. 🌿🥀🌹💐🌸🌻🌷🌺 Going to plant some seeds 😃

………..So today the warm up is a 10 minute walk or jog (maybe up and down the stairs, round the garden or if you are on your own and keeping distance from people in the fresh air somewhere isolated? (can be longer if you fancy a nice long walk??)


1. 10 minute workout on arms (try 5 minutes on each thing)
2. 15 minute workout on Legs (try 5 minutes on each thing)
3. 15 minute workout on abs (10 minute on crunches and 5 mins on plank)

(All of these you can work up to if you can’t do straight away or modify to your own level – either easier or harder)

Don’t forget a nice long 10 minute stretch at the end focusing on Biceps and Triceps (arms) / Quads (thighs at front) / Hamstrings and Calfs (down the backs of the legs)/ Abdominals and Gluets (bottom). Veraflow customers think of some of our stretches and moves we do and use those.

Don’t forget to post pics below of your journeys if you want to share/ get the family involved too 😁

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to flush your system through – more important now than ever and keep washing those hands 👏

Have fun 😍 exercise is SO GOOD for the Happy endorphins


Tricep Dips

Lower and lift lower part of arm keeping elbows pointing to ceiling X 2 weights

Bicep Curl

Lift and lower arms keeping elbows glued to waist – make sure palms come up to you X 2 weights


Lower Body Exercises

These exercises focus on working the muscles in your legs, squats specifically target these muscles.

Buttock Exercises

Position yourself on all fours, hands placed directly below or just in front of the shoulder line. Take your left leg and stretch it out backward and upwards above your body, as high as you can go. In a smooth motion, slowly pull your leg back down and up to your chest. Repeat this with your right leg (as many repetitions until you fatigue).

Also try lifting your opposite arm off the ground and reach out in front of you, then lift opposite leg off ground and stretch out behind you, hold one long line. This is a great stretching move and helps strengthen core muscles. Repeat on other side.


Position yourself in a standing position with feet placed in line with your shoulders. Find your balance and slowly bend your legs at the knees, arms positioned straight out in front of you. Lower yourself into an almost sitting position- make sure your back is as straight as possible at all times! From the sitting position, push yourself back up to standing and repeat. For harder intensity try holding weights while squatting.


Core Exercises

This section will focus on strengthening your core, concentrating on exercising your abdominal muscles!

Basic Abdominal Exercises

Start by lying on your back and stretching your arms behind your head, raise your right leg (keep it bent at the knee) and reach with the opposite, left, arm to touch your knee.
Variation: You can vary this exercise by raising your upper body slightly off the floor.

Another basic exercise involves doing different styles of crunches. Remain on your back with your legs raised in the air (knees still bent) and this time raise your upper body slightly off the floor. Place your arms behind your head and twist your left side whilst pulling your right leg closer to your head. Your left elbow should touch your right knee. Repeat with the other side.  Note that your legs should ALWAYS be off the ground.

The Plank

Working on your core has never been easier! The plank works all of the abdominals and you can do it anywhere from the kitchen floor to the office. Simply lie down flat on your stomach and position your elbows so they are underneath you, push up with your toes. Your elbows should be positioned straight down from your shoulders and your back should be straight. Make sure you tuck your buttocks in to create a straight line from heels to shoulders so that the exercise works as proficiently as possible. (Easier options are knees on floor put still keep you weight forward over upper body, alternatively you can also do this on your hands if you prefer) – Advances are walking legs out and in/ on and off the Mat. Each time you hold the plank, try to increase your hold time???

 21st March

Hello everyone
I’m very sad to say I will not be able to run my classes in the halls for the time being and for the foreseeable future, due to the government guidelines on CV19!!
However I am looking into running sessions in the open air (weather permitting and hoping we don’t go on complete lock down!) at parks or open spaces once I feel well enough (at present I have a rather sore throat and stiff neck – NO cough and NO Temperature so I’m hoping it’s just stress from working at Budgens – it has been mental this week!!! or maybe a cold – I am gauging my health to see what happens by the weekend).
They will take place at normal class times 9.30am on Monday/Weds and Thurs mornings (locations to be confirmed). It will have to be a fitness type session, which obviously as I know all your levels I will adapt to your needs (maybe using regularly sanitized equipment to make it fun, incl a bit of yoga style moves maybe and some dance (if I’m able to use music but that then involves music license complications! and more costs) – I will just have to work it out as we go along really and it will depend on how long it’s going on for?? – but we will just all have to work together on this and see what we can make of it.
Therefore those people with current monthly tickets or who pay S/O will get their monies worth and everyone else I can do the class for £4 as I have no hall overheads or music costs.
I have considered doing video link classes, but I’m not sure this would work with the age group I teach or with myself!! I find it all rather daunting – but we could meet with a good distance between each of us and have some fun in an open space and I feel this would work better for our classes – obviously if anyone has a temperature or any of the symptoms I would ask you to stay away and respect everyone else’s health.
 The weather at present is looking good for those 3 days next week and if hopefully if I am feeling well enough by then we can give it a shot. My question to you is would you be up for this????
If you could respond to this message please with a YES or NO (I wont be offended if you say NO as I know some people are already self isolating) and which day/ days you may attend and then I can start to get together a list of names for each day. Please be aware this is a fluid situation and it can change daily, so please check into my website www.Tlc-fitness.co.uk or my FB page for any daily updates – I will keep it all updated. Alternatively you can call me on 01277 626219 or email to me on zumbasue@aol.com.
Lets try and stay fit and healthy together – but from a distance MaskLaughing
Much love